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    Glad you found us. We are LIMOUSINE STRIP adult entertainment service for UK and Europe. Traveling to either London or Amsterdam soon? Whether its for a bachelor party (stag nite) or is business travel and you just seek some recreation, we've got a way sexy and very novel idea for you!


    The most exotic and lively way for cosmopolitan men to party. Ride thru the city in a chic limo or party bus, WITH LAP DANCERS. Get this point and understand why this format is special, fellow gent; the simple fact is you can make more noise and party more uninhibitedly in a limo or party bus. That's why the best stags (bachelor parties) include stripper fun on the run in a party vehicle. Call us and find out more!

    Limo Stripper Rides in London UK

    (UK) 020-8246-6720
    (Outside UK) +44 20-8246-6720

    The better bachelor party (stag parties) is on wheels today. You and your gents will have more fun with Limo Strippers to launch the nite (or right after dinner) than by restricting your nite's plans only to a strip club. COMBO with us for the hotter evening. Do a limo strippers ride, and we will give you transfer deals to also INCLUDE in your nite, some options of additional party fun in strip clubs, nite clubs, lounges etc. Call us and talk about it. Let us help you plan a great bachelor party. The world doesn't call us Merry England for nothing (LOL). Sure we Brits are focused, goal oriented serious people. But while we work hard we also party wild (you've got to - LOL). When its time to let out the clutch, we know to do it in the UK. With STRIPPERS in your limo or party bus!

    Limo Stripper Rides in Amsterdam NL

    (Outside UK) +44 20-8246-6720 * (from UK) 020-8246-6720

    Ipso facto its a sure thing we will make you guys' nite out in Holland's Amsterdam a rollicking nite to remember (wait, what does ipso facto mean again? - LOL). So you must know Amsterdam is know as the swank city nightlife fun destination spot in Europe. Hey man that's why we set up shop in Amsterdam also. We know many fellows go there to party for a weekend when having a bachelor party. So we now provide Limo strippers lap dance rides in Amsterdam as well as London UK and multiple USA cites. Don't plan a Holland bachelor party weekend without bringing Limo heat on wheels into play!

    Limo Stripper Rides in New York NYC

    917-449-2727 (USA)

    We began our game of Limousines' strippers for bachelor parties in New York way back in 1990 and its still going strong as the party rage in Manhattan today. In the New York city metro we do parties at any location, and will do limo strippers or party bus strippers on tours or rides to Atlantic City or Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun. But for the romp about town Wicked Pub Crawl scenario, Manhattan NYC is the place. Call if in the NYC metro and let us tell you all the torrid details of our packages. We'll give you Centerfold Stars naked lapdancing in a limo or party bus, dinner, open bar ticket to several spots. Can you resist? (smile) Give in to temptation!

    Limo Stripper Rides in Las Vegas NV

    917-449-2727 (USA)

    Vegas Vegas Vegas, what can you say about Las Vegas Nevada USA that hasn't already been said a thousand times (and accurately so LOL). Playfully speaking, its well earned its humorous nickname of Sin City (what they mean by that is tongue in cheek, its not all about sin its about dis-inhibition). Somehow thru the years Vegas has garnered an ambiance of being the city you most LET GO in. So appropriately, we have a branch in Las Vegas to help you indulge in fun to the max. We'll send gorgeous bachelor party strippers to your hotel room. And / or pick you up at the airport for a prolonged joy ride into town with lap dancers on the ride. You don't want to leave Las Vegas with less than stellar memories of sexy excitement. We are here to provide them for you. Call us!

    Party Strippers in Atlantic City NJ

    917-449-2727 (USA)

    We love Atlantic City, New Jersey. Its still one of our favorite spots to play. One of the reasons NJ folks and New Yorkers go frequently is to get out of the everyday humdrum, the same four walls, and just go into an 'other world' zone where you forget all cares and just party away for a while. This is exactly why many people plan their bachelor parties as excursions to AC for the weekend. And we are delighted to send ravishing strippers WITH YOU in a limo or party bus (we'll also provide the transpo). Or if you want, we will our lap dancers to your Atlantic city hotel room for an on-site wild show. Call and talk with us; we will help you plan the spiciest AC weekend ever.


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